This advertisement on chandamama features cherry whitener featuring Sunil Gavaskar

It reads

"After over a 100 tests,how could a white shoe cleaner possibly matter to me?
you'd be surprised!"

"when I was getting ready to play my first test,someone I admired said to me,'Get careless about your kit and turnout and you'll soon get careless about the game as well!'

It made a lot of sense to me then.And it still does today.

Sure,You want to put all your time and energy into getting better and better at the game.But don't forget you're a sportsman first.And what kind of sportsman would you be if you couldn't spare a bit of time to look like one?

Take it from me,When you come perfectly dressed,you feel good,you feel like a sports man-you feel like a winner!

Is it wonder then,that a white shoe cleaner matters so much to me...even after a 100 tests!

"Be a sportsman...down to your feet!"
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