Amulspray classic ad on RD (60's)

Amul had a baby food earlier in the 70's named AmulSpray..

Here is a series of ads published in RD

The Amul Baby Growth Plan
Remember, mother's milk is by far the best for baby. It is extremely difficult to substitute for breast milk, even in our day and age. Nature cannot be improved upon.
All mothers, therefore, should feed their infants at the breast as long as the quantity of milk remains adequate.
However, if your breast milk is not sufficient for baby. start him on Amulspray.
Why Amulspray?
perfectly balanced
dissolves easily
Cereal With Milk (Baby's first solid food after 3 months along with Amulspray)
Delicious Balamul has everything baby needs to grow on and MORE
at least 25% more protein than other branded cereal foods
more calcium, Vitamin A and C
Pre-cooked in milk. Easy-to-digest
mixes easily with other foods too: dal, mashed fruits, puddings'
Balamul gives TWICE the value for your money than other branded cereal foods.
That's why more doctors prefer Balamul for baby's nutritional needs!
Amulspray More mothers prefet it to any other baby food.
Balamul growth is growth you can see

Another Ad

Record - breaking baby
Anu sat up at five months. Trebled his birth weight at nine months. Mothers turn around to look at this lively, happy toddler. The secret of his sturdy health : a special baby food. Amulspray broke all records to become the largest - selling baby food within two years of introduction. It
is made by a special process (spray -drying), to a special formula, for special nourishment. For your special baby.
Record - breaking baby food
Amulspray an ideal substitute for mother's milk

Gireesh pulled himself up and stood at seven months. He has sturdy bones, glowing skin, shining eyes. A winner if ever there was one. The big secret of his health and vigour: a special bady food.
Within two years of introduction, Amulspray shot up into first place among baby foods, ut-selling every other brand. It is made by a special process (spray-drying), to a special formula, for special nourishment. For your special baby.

Amulspray an ideal substitute for mother's milk

Marketed by: Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited,Anand.
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  1. hi,
    i was the amul spray baby in1969-1970. I am looking for my pictures but i cant seem to find them. Any idea where i can get them?

    bansari gandhi

  2. My Goodness.. you should post your photo her man. lets see how the baby has grown.

    Well I am an antique collector and do not want to part with the only photos (magazine ads) I have. However if at all you come to kanyakumari and prove that you are the same person I can give it to you. I know how precious it is for you..


  3. well kanyakumari obviously is a little too far for me as i am in mumbai. As far as proof goes what exactly are you looking for? And what use would such old pics be for me if i wasnt indeed the amul baby??

  4. Hey no offense meant..

    "And what use would such old pics be for me if i wasnt indeed the amul baby?? "

    Why should I have it as you see I am not the Amul Baby and I have a passion for nostalgic magazine ads.

    I will certainly look at my collections and if I have a double I will send it to you.. Send me your postal address