Allwyn Refrigerator - Classic advertisement

Vintage ad of ALLWYN Refrigerator..

ALLWYN-India's Largest Selling Refrigerator.-

Here's why:
Only Allwyn has the widest range of models and largest sales and service net work in the country. That's not all. Look at the 'Firsts' to Allwyn's credit:
First to make refrigerators on commercial scale in India. First to secure ISI certification.

First to introduce twin-door fridges. First to effect largest exports to Europe and First to fashion fridge compressors conforming to international standards.

Exclusive features:
Alwyn alone uses compressors of 4 different capacities to suit individual models. Hence optimum efficiency and minimum power consumption. Specially designed condensor for fastest cooling which again saves power. Allwyn- On Housewives Service.
Tops in Everything Except Price!

Another Vintage ad on RD

The Kapoors are selling their Allwyn Minifrige. And buying a bigger, roomier Allwyn Kingfrige. The Mini was fine. When there were just the two of them. But then the children came. First Rajesh, and then Meera ... and frankly Deepak was quite unexpected. The children's grwoing appetites, Mr. Kapoor's business get-togethers - it's a bit too much for the Mini. So Mr. Kapoor's changing his frige : buying a new one. Some people suggest he try a different brand this time.

Mr. Kapoor smiles at such times. He says that if sticking to the best frige in the market is conversatism, then he is a rabid conservative. Amazing things is, a lakh and sixty thousand families seem to think like Mr. Kapoor.
Why Allwyn?
(1) More useable area: Other friges may be larger than Allwyn. But useable space-wise Allwyn friges are unbeatable.
(2) More economical : Because Allwyn friges give you more useable storing space per litre.
(3) Superb range : Allwyn alone gives you such a wide range of sizes.
Kingfrige 250 litres
Queenfrige 200 litres
Snowfrige 140 litres
Minifrige 100 litres
(4) 'ZD' Quality Control : Intensive and extensive testing to ensure 'Zero Defect' in every piece.
(5) Long lasting new look : Unique spray phosphating to eliminate any possibility of rusting under the enamel.
Ultra- sonic wash to rid the compressor parts of all dust and metal particles.
(6) Cooling Power: 'Super' compressor to speed formation of ice.
ALLWYN a member of the family in a lakh and sixty thousand homes.
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  1. I bought an Alwyn 165L fridge in 1985 and it is still running without showing any problem.It never went out of function! The door handle suddenly got broken while going to open the fridge door to-day. Many of my relatives fridge that were bought at that time stopped working in 4/5 years! I want to buy one more Alwyn 165L or 200L fridge.But I can not found any Alwyn show room in the city. Can I expect any advice/help from you?
    ALWYN is a best fridge to-day.

  2. I am also proud owner of ALLWYN refrigerator. My father purchased it in the year 1985-86 (don't remember exact year) (165L) and still its working without any complain. Let me also add one note that when my father bought it that time there was another company which was very popular at that time and most of the people purchased, but hardly it worked for 9 to 10 years. Most people I know and one of my friend who purchased other companys fridge in 1990 has already changed his 3 refrigerator due to nonfunctioning. Actualy I have no reason to buy a new fridge but still I want to buy a new one but I want to buy ALLWYN only. But today only I came to know that now this Hydrabad company is a part of Electrolux. If I am wrong pls let me know, and also tell is this fridge available in market? Because I will prefer ALLWYN first whenever I buy new fridge. Since I have full confidence in this company so in fridge because it is with me for last 25 years and that is also without any complain.

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