Air India Classic ads on readers digest

Below is the list of vintage ads for Air India in the 70's on RD.

It reads..

In 37 years we've gone places Like:
New York London Delhi Bombay Singapore Sydney Perth Rome Cairo Moscow

Brussels Paris Frankfurt Prague Zurich Geneva Beirut Tegeran Kuwait Bahrain Calcutta

Madras Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Jakarta Nandi Hong Kong Tokyo Mauritius Aden Nairobi

Addis Ababa Entebbe Amsterdam Dubai

Look at those rates
fly Bombay New York Bombay for less than the single fare!
New York and back on our 14/120 Day Excursion Fare for just Rs. 4004! Daily 747

flights to New York
Delhi/New York/Delhi -Rs 4004 Calcutta/New ?York/Calcutta -Rs 4732 Madras/New York/Madras -Rs 4674
AIR-INDIA the airline that saves your money

On trip to Australia AUSTRALIA for the first time by 747 'Emperor'!
Non-stop, if you like. Air-India has now introduced 747 on its Australia Route. Every Monday, non-stop from Bombay to Perth. And on to Sydney. Eevey Friday, via Madras and Singapore to Perth and Sydney. 349 luxurious seats. A far more spacious, more regal environment in which to fly to Australia, Yes, my 'Emperors' are. now at your command. Go 'down under' feeling on top.
More cargo capacity! 40 tonnes of cargo can wing its way to Australia every week.

What's your night life like?
Would you rather snuggle up in bed at home and wake up fresh and board a morning boeing and be in London town before sunset? or would you rather snuggle up at night in a 707 and do business in broad rainlight in London the next day? You can have it both ways!

8 flights a week by day 7 flights a week by night to LONDON and daily to NEW YORK AIR-INDIA IN ASSOCIATION WITH B.O.A.C. AND QANTAS
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