This is a classic ad in the 70's for Natraj pencil when it was introduced. I believe that was the first company to produce pencils with good graphite and long use.. They seem to grow their own trees for making pencils..

Natraj writes like a champion pencil

Children enjoy writing with Natraj because Natraj writes perfectly.Smoother.Darker.Shaper .Without
Nataraj writes longer than any other pencil of its kind.That means more writing pleasure for a longer time.

NATARAJ pencils with a longer lifeline

Available in attractive colourful designs

here is a video ad on Natraj Pencils..

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  1. Good Work ! seeing the ADs did make me nostalgic :)
    There was one more ad about Natraj Pencils playing cricket which had a VO like "..Aur ye lagaa sixer..Natraj ek baar phir champion!" Was wondering if you have it :)