What are dipy's jams made of?
Strawberries from punchgani.mangoes from ratnagiri.Allahabad guavas ,Trichur Pineapples,Papayas from Dahanu
and jalgoan bananas.All picked for the sun-blessed goodness of Dipy,s Mixed Fruit jam.

When it's Dipy's.it's got to be the best .

Dipy's Jams Apricot,Mango,Mixed Fruit,Pineapple,Respberry ,Strawbarry,Orrange,Marmalada and Guava Jelly.

Dipy,s jams-a fruit-full experiance.

Another ad on dipys
It's a super selaction of squashes and syrups for the thirstiest of gangs!

Dip's Orange,Lemonand a mango squashes,Lemon Barley Water,Lime Cordial ,Pineapple Crush.Rose syrup and other delicious syrups

Yippee it's Dipy's!

Dipys Jam ad at Indrajal comics.
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  1. Great Ad!! One of my favorites

  2. Miss these ads! Takes me back to my childhood.

  3. Reminds of all those hours I spent on those comics. Poppins and BSA SLR were regulars too.

  4. I Loved Dipy's Squashes & Its Ads, Particular Famous Poster Of Dipy's Dipyland Which Used To Print In Side Some Magazines...It Really Thrilled Me And Certainly Take Me To The Best Of My Time, Which Is Obesely My Childhood Days. I Indeed Pay A Lots Of Thanks To My Parents, Who Did Paint My Childhood Days With All Possible Beautiful Colors. My Hats Off To The Admin Who Did Upload Such A Pleasant Information About Dipy's, Whom I Was Looking For Since A Long Time...Yippee it's Dipy's!...

  5. All these ads are leagues ahead of the so-called ads we have ads in the k add 30 years. . After the early 80's only the latest ads for Swiggys are worth viewing.

  6. Certainly those are the Ads that still ring in our ears. Thank you for the post. Is it possible to get audio or video of this ad?