Bata- the famous ad.. look at the pricing

"The complete name in fashion shoes...
Bata Walkmaster
All bluntly modern within easy reach
Now Bata comes on strong with a bold blunt shoe collection that's really trendy. Styled and

cut to fit the 'today' image Both casual and formal. Some 'wat out' and outspoken. Some

quite trendy but straight. With will-known Bata quality built into each. Ready made and

priced within such easy reach. That slowly you can build up a collection of the trendiest

footwear around. Mounted on Unique PVC crystalline soles. Skid-proof. Lighter. Flexible.

100% waterproof.
A Walkmaster Style 03 suede Chukka Boot prise: Rs. 41.95
B Walkmaster Style 23 Brown Brogue prise: Rs. 39.95
C Walkmaster Style 30 Buckle-down prise: Rs. 39.95
D Walkmaster Style 36 Black Casual prise : Rs. 39.95
E Walkmaster style 21 Black Derby prise: Rs. 39.95"
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