Classic Advertisements in the 70's and 80s

Recently I happened to browse my hearty collection of comics, chandamama and other magz which I used to read in my childhood. The collection is huge and I had to organize it by issue numbers. Every now and then I used to read the comics collection in my private room ..

While I was lazing through a few indrajal comic issues, the ads caught my eye,.. some or most of the products like Dippy's Carona etc which had been extensively advertised then appears to be no more now. Since the launch of television channels in the 80's the mag adz have seen a major setback.. On those days some companies made their fortune by mail order systems which was widely advertised on the magz..

I have scanned a few of them and will try to post more when I have time and mood to scan and upload it here..

The first one is for Amrutanjan, the famous pain reliever at those times which had a unique smell and was available in petty shops as well

It was a classy ad with a lady with bare back and a guy massaging her back with amrutanjan It reads like this..

Body Ache relieved in minutes..

Amrutanjan a safe sure on-the-spot remedy for aches, colds and pains.

Amrutanjan gives quick relief from bodyaches muscular pains, sprains headaches and colds. Rub in Amrutanjan and pains disappear. Available in bottles, economy jars and low cost compact tins

Amrutanjan - 10 medicines in one
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