Camel and camlin where the best brands for student accessories like geometry box , pencils, colors etc. Before globalization there was no sony or omega products which made camel the king of the industry.. This classic camel advertisement has a story line which reads..

Raju & the mask

It was Raju's little sister Meena's birthday.It was a grand occasion for Raju.Nandu,vinay,Rekha,Ashok all were
to come with beautiful presents.

Raju couldn't think of a gift.He wanted to present something very very very spesial.

He thought and thought and thought.Suddely he hit upon an idea.
SA mask,ba beautiful colorful mask.Green stripes on the cap,pink on the cheeks,crimsonlips.

With dashes of paint in no time he painted a mask on a piece of cardboard and cut it into shape.

What a colourful present:Meena was delighted.

Everyone talked about Raju and his wonderful present.

If Raju could paint.So can you.
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