BOURNVITA advertisement on chandamama

This ad is for cadbourys bournvita the then famous drink with a chocolate flavor. Kids used to eat it raw and it sort of shrinks in the mouth like a chocolate.. It reads

  • Brought up right bournvita bright
  • Bright in studies...
  • Bright in sports
Richly blended with milk,malt and sugar,the cocoa in Bournvita provides that 'extra' nourishment your child needs.To ensure sturdy,healthy growth!...And children just love its cocoa flavour!

Bournvita builds a big future for your child.Make sure he's brought up right,Bournvita bright.

Nourishing Bournvita contains cocoa to make a delicious health drink.

Carbury's Bournvita for strength and vigour-and taste
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  1. Wow!! My Granny still has the Bournvita tin in her cupboard. Love this!!

  2. when see this add,it seems that i travelled thru time and reached when i was a kid.luv

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