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An ad from canara bank encouraging minors to open accounts..
It reads

Close your eyes and make a wish

Wishes come true when you save for them.A bicycle?A doll's house?A new toy? You can buy it with your own money.
Canara Bank's Balakshema Deposit scheme is for you.The lovely Balakshema savings box with the key is to help
you put away coin after coin.Once the box is full put it away in the Canara Bank branch and start collecting
again.Your money grows because we add to it.Soon it is enough to buy whatever you want.

What an exciting way to make your wish come true.What a wonderful way to learn to save!

Drop in at your nearestCanara Bank branch for details .Our other special schemes:Kamadhenu,Vidyanidhi and

Over 1,200 branches all over the country
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  1. This Nirantara scheme is a fraud scheme, I had invested money in this perpetuity. However Canara Bank refuses to send me notice that the scheme is stopped, and has refused to pay my interest in the scheme from 2005 onwards. They refuse to pay me the 12% interest in the scheme. They want everything orally, and not any documentary proof. Bogus Bank and Bogus scheme

  2. I had similiar issue. Nirantara is a perpetuity. But Canara Bank refuse to give the due interest of 12%. This is illegal. A PIL or class action suit should be issued. The Branch managers /Assistant Managers where customer have account should be slapped with section 420, FIR raised and mangers should be arrested for cheating.