Bain d'or another classic ad..

Probably the first hairspray introduced in India.. The ad reads

"AT MOMENTS LIKE THIS Groomed, strokable, hair held firmly but softly by Bain d'or Hair
Spray's invisible web. Never stiff never tacky but softly firm always groomed"
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  1. Hi

    Really a excellent classic indian ads. I liked it.

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  3. Gr8..

    Sankar.. me too a Libra and am 39.. well I cant consider 7o's as old for my age as i was born in the 70's. these ads even date back to 50's and 60s.. You are right, those magazine ads in 60s-80s are mindblowing..

    Im from kanyakumari.. and will write to u when I am free.

    Take care

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