To finish with.. A couple of comic covers..

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About Guna

I mostly write technical aspects and not much into creative writing. For the past decade I worked along with top notch SEO Internet Marketing professionals which naturally lured me into the world of Search Engines. When I am not writing I read from comics to philosophy. Antiques, Fishing, hunting are my passions.


  1. Hi Guna,

    While doing a random search on google, i found my way to your wonderful blog. As somebody involved in TV Media, Esp Advertisements, I Liked your blog very much.

    The likening aspect doubled when i saw all your comics posts. Am also one of the biggest comics lover and also a collector.

    it is great to know that you love comics. Great. Just keep the passion going on.

    All the very best to your Blog.


  2. i've gone through all your 5 comics' cover posts. They are very good.

    Thanks for the images.

  3. Thank You King.. Due to time factor, I am not able to do the uploads, I scanned most of my comics but my laptop crashed out and lost everything.. Have to scan again and post.. I will post all my collections for you to see buddy..

    Thanks for the encouragement.. I ve been to your blog and what shud I say.. Its simply excellent..I wish I had the time..

  4. Time is the only factor for me, as well.

    Due to the nature of my job, i almost live out of a suitcase.

    Many a Post's are pending due to my lack of time.