Calcium-Sandoz Vintage Advertisement

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Calcium-Sandoz Vintage Advertisement

This Magazine Ad utters as nursing mother needs 3 times more calcium than anyone else. This Vintage Magazine Ad shows

Give your child strong teeth and healthy bones. 
Give yourself Calcium-Sandoz
A breast-fed baby gets all his calcium from his mother. And he needs it desperately for his growing bones and teeth.
You can give it to him the easy way by taking just 4-6 tablets Calcium-Sandoz every day.
Delicious, chewable, raspberry-flavoured Calcium-Sandoz tables not only increase the calcium supply in your body but give you the added benefits of vitamins C, D and B.
And they're made by Sandoz, world pioneers of calcium in its purest tastiest form. So when you have the best calcium, you give your baby the best.

Every day for every body
A nursing mother needs 3 times more calcium than anyone else. Are you getting yours?
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