Old advertisement of Teleprinter

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Old advertisement of Teleprinter

This vintage magazine advertisement of Teleprinter underscores that “Miles apart yet instant printed conversation possible through teleprinter”. It focus that

Miles apart yet instant printed conversation possible through teleprinter

It is intellectual nerve-stretching across the world that helps bridging the "knowledge-gap." Teleprinter transmits public intelligence and facilitates the operations of commerce, defence, civil aviation, etc., across the country and the world at large.

When the going gets rough in the air traffic control or weather forecast, business or administration, P&T or news agencies, teleprinters come to rescue in split second.

Specialised versions of teleprinter machine to suit customer requirements, teleprinter switching equipment, teleprinter terminal units, etc., are manufactured as per International standards. Prompt service facilities provided through regional service organisations at Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Madras.   
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