TERENE vintage magazine advertisement

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This vintage magazine ad of TERENE states instructs that “Make sure you're getting your money's worth”. It narrates as

"It's genuine 'Terene'/Cotton Madam"

"But where is the 'Terene' trademark?"

You're prepared to pay good money for a "Terene'/ cotton fabric. Make sure you're getting your money's worth ... not a dress that's ruined after the first wash, or a kameez you just can't wear again. See that the "Terene' tradenarj is on the fabric. The "Terene' trademark means that the fabric matches our standars :
* It has the right blend - in  'Terene'/cotton, this means a minimum of 67% 'Terene'.
* The fabric will retain its smooth finish - it won't look rough and hairy after a few washes.
* The colour is fast ... and doesn't get patchy.
* The fabric will keep its smart, creaseless look - practically never need the iron.

Look for the 'Terene' trademark ON the fabric TERENE
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