Camel an Old Advertisement

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Camel an Old Advertisement

This Old Advertisement deliver foreign inks and art materials were once vastly superior to their Indian counterparts. The Vintage Ad express

While others buy foreign know-how and names..
We're selling ours in Indian and foreign markets
While others buy foreign knowhow and names...
We sell ours in Indian and foreign markets

Foreign inks and art materials were once vastly superior to their Indian counterparts. Till we at Camlin decided to do something about it. We travelled abroad and watched the world's masters manufacturing inks and art materials. To this knowledge we added the best from our hard-won Indian experience. We also set up our own Research and Development laboratories.

Our efforts paid off. Today we have won the hearts of top Indian artists. Our quality has been accepted abroad, and we have a full-fledged, modern factory in Malaysia turning out a complete range of products. We now stand unrivalled in India and in many foreign countries. CAMLIN Inks and Art Materials Unrivalled in India...and in many foreign countries!
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