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This Magazine Ad delivers what makes us the nicest people in the air. Stay productive with access to your personal electronic devices throughout your journey. The Old Advertisement speaks

What makes us the nicest people in the air?
Some of the nicest people on earth.
Cathay Pacific people. They're the same everywhere. In Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Jakarta. Or Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Calcutta. People who are warm, helpful human beings first, airline staff second. People with down to-earth ideas about service.
At all levels. In the air. On the ground. People on sale-counters. People behind the scenes. They've all got one thing in mind. You Your convenience. Your comfort. Your constant care.
Our people have made Cathay Pacific the No.1 airline in the Far East. In the belief that, while it's nice to be important, it's important to be nice. People. They make an airline.
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