Vitaminets Forte, the magazine ad

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The newspaper ad of Vitaminets Forte underlines the need of having Vitaminets Forte for maintaining your optimum level of fitness and vigour. It explains as

Stop yawning. Get going

Energy is attractive. Besides it gets you where you want to be ( in your work and after work). 
For health and energy, your body system needs a balanced diet. Most People don't eat what they should - and the climate is exhausting too. 

So how can you get the essential nutrients you need? Simple. With 'Vitaminets' Forte. 11 Vitamins, 5 Minerals. Buy some from your chemist : the shiny red tablets packed with life. One tablet a day can keep you at your optimum level of fitness and vigour.

'Vitaminets' Forte 'Roche'     
'health and energy for less than 15 paise a day'
A 'Roche' Product                  Sole Distributors: VOLTAS LIMITED
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