VIP vintage magazine advertisement

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VIP vintage magazine advertisement

This old advertisement states the significance of VIP. It point up that

Meet Sheikh Abdul Rahim Mustafa Hussein.* His confidence in 'V.I.P.' is unsheikhable! 

We met this Arabian Knight in his opulent hotel suite. There he sat, surrounded by his fabled bevy of beauties. Some were veiled. The rest were 'V.I.P.'s.

The mysterious veiled apparitions disappeared like so many desert mirages. But the Sheikh sat there. Smiling and serene.

Rumour said he had a 'V.I.P.' for every day of the week. "Do you?" we asked.

He shrugged. "There are 7 colours in 'V.I.P.' luggage. By some strange coincidence there are as many days to a week !".

"For me," he expanded, "each day has a colour. Now, I can't imagine a black Monday! Monday must be red."

"Of course," he continued,"there are other things I like about 'V.I.P.' ..."

 "Toughness," we prompted.

"The brocade lining," he replied.

"What about sturdiness?" we persisted. "After all,'V.I.P.'  is made to satisfy tough customers like you." "La! La! La!" was the incomprehensible chant that followed. Then, the translation,"No! No! No!" "I'm not difficult to please,"the Sheikh modestly declaimed. We had heard it said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. But we held our peace.

 Apropos nothing, he said,"I'm just a simple man..."

 We took it all in. The white and gold ceiling, the 10-foot crystal chandelier, the gilded mermaids...

"What I expect of my 'V.I.P.'s is simply this. They must look like new when I travel from Bombay to Muscat. Even if I go via London, Nairobi, New York and the Philippines. You know us, we Arabs have dates everywhere! Today I..."

 Just then the Sheikh's private secretary came in. The Sheikh's flight would leave in 31 minutes. This being Monday, his scarlet Mercedes was ready.

The Sheikh smiled and explained,"Business engagements are pressing. There are financial crises everywhere. I must go... to pour oil over troubled waters."

There was a gleam in his eye. Or maybe we imagined it!

To protect the privacy of our 'V.I.P.' customers, it has been necessary to conceal their actual identities.

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