VIP 001 an old ad

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VIP 001 an old ad

This vintage ad states the importance of VIP 001 - the most beautiful gift you can give a bride. It underlines that 

The bride's grooming partner.

The VIP Vanity Case is the most beautiful gift you can give a bride. For her to treasure.  For her to remember you by.  For her to go on looking as beautiful as she did on her wedding day. But don't let the delicate, beautiful looks of the VIP Vanity Case fool you. It's tough. Very tough. Like marriage, it's meant to last a lifetime.

Detachable mirror: multiple-sectioned
plastic tray: roomy under-compartment.
Available in 5 colours: Cherry Red, Steel Grey, Jet Black, Ocean Blue, Saddle Brown.

Another ideal wedding gift-- V.I.P. Suitcases.
Available in a range of 4 sizes: 68 cms., 61 cms., 53 cms., 46 cms.

The luggage that carries weight.
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