An old ad of USHA Sewing Machine

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An old ad of USHA Sewing Machine

This old ad states about the USHA Sewing Machine and its uses. It underlines as

train her to be an ideal housewife...

buy her an USHA sewing machine

Yes, only you can transform her into a capable, economical housewife... a precious asset to her home and family.

Teach her young. Buy her an USHA Sewing Machine. Then share with her the joy of fashioning clothes and furnishings in varied patterns, designs, stitches. From heavy curtains and upholstery to elegant teenager outfits and delicately - embroidered kiddies' frock -- an USHA Sewing Machine can handle anything!

You will save time, effort and money too ! Because USHA Sewing Machines are:
* precision-engineered for easy, flawless, economical sewing * checked and rechecked over 2000 times to ensure trouble-free performance * backed by expert after-sale service wherever you may be * available in a wide range of models with a choice of hand, foot or electric drives.

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