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This Vintage Advertisement says continuous protection from dandruff. It is more gentle than other medicated shampoos. This Newspaper Ad claims 

Give dandruff the Clinic treatment and it's gone!
Clinic is not just another shampoo. It is a totally new scientific treatment that actually clears dandruff from hair and scalp. Powered with an effective germicide TCC*, Clinic sweeps away dandruff at the very first wash. With regular use, Clinic provides continuous protection from dandruff.
Clinic is hard on dandruff yet kind to your hair. It is more gentle than other medicated shampoos because it has a built-in hair conditioner. Clinic leaves your hair aglow with health and beauty.

TCC* the new germicide works right away to clear dandruff. Protects between shampoos.
Leave 2nd lather on hair for one minute to allow Clinic's formula to penetrate deeply and work with greatest effect.
Deep-cleansing yet gentle solution sweeps away dandruff. Leaves your hair healthy and beautiful.
Repeat the Clinic treatment regularly-- at least once a week -- and provide continuous protection from dandruff.
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