An old ad of TOPAZ

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This is a vintage advertisement of TOPAZ which draw attention to their highly advanced electronic monitoring system to produce a superior quality blades. It accentuate as

TOPAZ miles ahead in Technology & Quality

TOPAZ pioneered a highly advanced electronic monitoring system to guarantee world class quality of each blade with Exclusive 'Non-Blink Electronic Eye'

That's because we know what makes a blade superior .... The secret according to experts lies in the final finishing of the edges.

TOPAZ Technicians check the quality of CHEMICAL COATING day in and day out by AUTOMATIC CONTROLS  which work instantly to maintain the world class quality... the edges are picturised 4000 TIMES THE ACTUAL SIZE for the purpose !!

We started making blades twenty years ago. That's when we worked out the ABC of blade technology like the FIRE AND ICE process, just as you learnt 1 + 1 = 2 when you were five. We have come a long way from merely grinding stainless steel strips into razor blades!

Today TOPAZ Technicians not only make WORLD CLASS blades, they make SOPHISTICATED MACHINES that make blades! what's more these machines are exported to the Western world!

Naturally, we won the ISI mark ahead of everybody else. With us technological advancement in blade - making is a commitment. We gave India its first stainless steel blade at a price our people can afford.
TOPAZ marches ahead... others trail behind

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