TITAGHUR PAPER, the magazine ad

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This old ad of TITAGHUR PAPER intensifies that the Titaghur's Elephant Brand has been an accepted symbol for quality papers. It exposes that

A priceless heritage...
A priceless inheritance

Titaghur's Elephant Brand has been an accepted symbol for quality papers since production and marketing began in 1882. Today the wide range includes fine writing and printing papers, security papers and durable boards for packaging. Some of the Titaghur specialities are:-
HATHICOTE-a specially created variety, coated on one side for printing multi-coloured labels.
TITACOTE-superior quality art paper coated on both sides for multi-coloured printing.
T.S.A.D. LEDGER-a high rag-content paper for permanent records.
TUSKER BOARD-a durable coated board that is specially suited for carton printing with a fine screen by either letterpress or offset process. Plus a wide range of other varieties suitable for every kind of printing and packaging job. At Titaghur, Research and Development is conducted on a continuous basis so that better and finer varieties of paper may be produced for printing.

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