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This newspaper ad of THREPTIN brings attention to proper balance between proteins and calories. It emphasize that

Threptin vs. The 'protein - calorie gap'
Busy executive have busy schedules that make demands on them. And on their time. Skimpy meals, skipped meals and the 'protein-calorie gap' begins to take its toll.

What is the 'protein-calorie gap'?
The 'protein-calorie gap' occurs when your diet does not ensure a proper balance between proteins and calories. It is not enough to take proteins alone. Unless supplied together with adequate calories, the proteins are wasted and diverted to meet the body's energy requirements.

How to bridge the 'protein-calorie gap'
THREPTIN Hi-Cal is a balanced protein calorie supplement. It ensures full and efficient use of protein for body-building and maintaining good health.

Protein of high biological value
The quality of protein is as important as the quantity. The protein in THREPTIN Hi-Cal is mostly casein (milk-protein of high biological value). Unlike protein biscuits, THREPTIN Hi-Cal is not processed at unduty high temperatures which damage the protein's nutritive value. Acceptable to the strictest vegetarian THREPTIN Hi-Cal contains only milk and vegetable proteins, and vitamins.

Convenlent meal between meals
Eat at least 3 THREPTIN Hi-Cal between meals, around 11 a.m.and 4 p.m. Convenient to carry THREPTIN Hi-Cal can be easily packed in your lunch box or briefcase.

Others affected by the 'protein - calorie gap' and why: Problem eaters are particularly vulnerable:

Growing children -- because it is during the first 5 years that the brain is almost fully developed. To attain full brain and body growth, a child must have much more protein than adults.

Pregnant and lactating mothers -- because they have to eat for two.

Doctors recommend THREPTIN Hi-Cal as the balanced protein-calorie food to supplement your daily diet.
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