Vintage magazine advertisement of TIARA EGG SHAMPOO

Vintage magazine advertisement of TIARA EGG SHAMPOO

This magazine ad on TIARA EGG SHAMPOO stress that it is a “Protein Rich-Egg Shampoo gives protein nourishment”. It spotlight that

There is a better way to give proteins to your hair Use Protein Rich TIARA EGG SHAMPOO

Since time immemorial the secret of beautiful hair the world over has been the use of egg as a vital hair nourisher, because it contains PROTEINS...

Lack of proteins in your makes it dull and brittle, resulting in falling hair. Protein Rich-Egg Shampoo gives protein nourishment so vital to make your hair healthy and beautiful, making it blissfully manageable and oh, so soft to touch. Available at all leading stores all over the country. India's acclaimed Egg Shampoo. 

Made by J.K. Helene Curtis Limited.
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