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This magazine ad of UNISTAR articulates about the wide range of cables offer the widest choice to any Design Engineer. This old ad call attention to

UNISTAR range of cables offer the widest choice to any Design Engineer

Whether he is designing a Power Plant or a Fertilizer Factory, a steel plant or a Petroleum refinery, Aluminium Plant or a Textile Mill, the Design Engineer has the widest choice to work economically with NISTAR Cables range.

UNISTAR provides him with the exact combination of core and unimeric insulation range, enabling him to choose the most appropriate cable for a specific application. Unimeric insulation and sheathing material used in UNISTAR Cables includes : Chloro - sulphonated rubber; Polychloroprene; Butyle rubber: Nitrile rubbers; Silicon rubber; Ethylene Pyropylene rubber; PVC : Paper: Lead; VIR; Polyethylene. Plus a combination of any of these and many more.

There is a UNISTAR Cable for every Industrial application, for urban and rural electrification, and for special applications including mining, shipping, railways and airfields. If you have any cable problem, feel free to consult UNISTAR engineers -- without any obligation.
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