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This old ad of TVS states the features of Sundram Fastener’s bolts and screws. It focus on

Now, Sundram Fasteners goes miles ahead -- by 'inches'

Once again, Sundram Fasteners demonstrates its leadership! Yes, Sundram Fasteners has now installed the biggest cold forging machine in India. Now, standard and special high tensile bolts and screws can be cold forged on Sundram Fasteners new 'Progressive Header' -- at 65 pieces perminute -- in diameters up to and including 26 mm (1") and in lengths up to and including 200mm (8").

This big breakthrough means big advantages to you

You can now get your entire range of requirements of bolts and screws from Sundram Fasteners -- including such critical fasteners as Wheel Bolts. Wheel Studs or 'high strength friction - grip' Bolts.

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