TRU-TONE Hair Dye, the vintage magazine advertisement

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TRU-TONE Hair Dye, the vintage magazine advertisement

This old advertisement says about TRU-TONE Hair Dye, which is also available in market now. Now, its available in lip stick model, so that the women find it easy to use while getting ready during an unexpected outing or travel or function, etc., they can just rub it on their white hair. So it looks black.  This old ad states as

Leading Hair Stylists Recommend

TRU - TONE Hair Dye by the makers of the world's largest selling hair dye for men and women

TRU - TONE -- Gives your hair that young, exciting alive look, is uniformly consistent, quick in action. Gives your hair natural lustre and gloss. Does not fade or change colour even after repeated washes. 'We invariably recommend TRU - TONE to our clients for the superior results it produces. TRU - TONE  is safe, has no side re-action, and is safe, has no side re-action, and is easy to apply. The natually lustrous look it produces is just remarkable.

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