Indrajal Comics- Boroline Ad

Boroline a sweet smelling antiseptic cream introduced in the 70's. It had a peculiar smell..

In a world full of surprises

...thank goodnees you can count on Boroline Antiseptic perfumed cream

Ideal for dry skin and minor nicks and cuts

A friend of the family for 60 years

Modern day Boroline

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  1. this is a nice ad. Indrajal Comics had a lot of great ads, didn't it? Sometimes the ads are more fun than the comics.


  2. Budd.. Are you serious. The Indrajal comics is simply incomparable and I love it a lot. Ofcourse I love the KAPIL BSA SLR ad and some other series on Indrajal comics.

    Hey.. I am serious fan of your blog . Thanks for commenting here...