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"Who gets to the Canara Bank counter first?"
A simple,yet exciting game for 3 players.All you need are a few coins-4would be just right-and 3 buttons.
For the rules,see the accompanying page.

Rules for "who gets to the canara bank counter first?"
1.To start each player throws the 4 coins in turn.Players move according to the number of heads thrown-one
head, one move;two heads, two moves;three heads;three heads,three moves.

2.when any player gets all 4 heads,he gets another chance to play.

3.the players have to move thrice around the track before entering the lane leading to the counter.

4.Falling into a puddle means the loss of one turns.

5.Getting stuck in a bush means the loss of two turns.

6.climbing on to a mountain means the gain of one turn.

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