Vintage Magazine Advertisement of Indian Tube

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The Old Ad alleges the strength of your tubes lies in the wall thickness. This Magazine Ad also orate
The Wall-to-Wall challenge
Take a close look at the inner wall of a bazar tube. Running along its length will be a weld ridge. Along this ridge, dirt and suspended particles in the water collect and finally choke the tube. The tube wall is also thin. You naturally pay less for this tube but it will cost you more in the long run because it will not last long.
The strength of your tubes lies in the wall thickness
Correct wall- thickness of ITU tubes - complying with the specification IS : 1239 (Part I) - 1973-enables threads to be cut to perfect  form, leaving adequate metal at the root This ensures strong, leak-proof joints and greater all-round durability.
Examine an ITC tube, popularly known as TATA pipe. No weld ridge. ITC tubes are made by the Fretz Moon Process which causes the weld edges to be perfectly fused. The wall of an ITC tube not only has a smooth inner finish for free flow of water, it is made thicker for greater durability. You pay more for right quality - for longer years of trouble -free service.
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