INDIANOIL an Old Advertisement

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The Vintage Ad orate INDIANOIL as India's largest public sector oil company operates more than 65 refuelling stations. The Vintage Advertisement relates
two more additions to INDIANOIL's aviation family
Indianoil, India's largest public sector oil company, operates more than 65 refuelling stations and supplies over 70% of the country's total aviation fuel requirements. Reputed international airlines including Aeroflot * Air-India * Ariana Afghan *Ethiopian * Indian Airlines * Iran Air * Iraqi * JAL* KLM * Lufthansa * M.S.A.* Qantas * Sabena *SAS * Saudi Arabian * Syrian Arab * Thai International * U.B.A. and ... now Air France and Pan Am ... use Indianoil's expert refuelling services.
A team of technicians help deliver aviation fuel into the aircraft only after carrying out rigorous quality control tests.
- a National Trust for Economic Prosperity.
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