Vintage Magazine Ad of IENS

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This Vintage Magazine Advertisement adds Newspapers and Magazines which meet all interests and levels of education and all pockets. This Old Ad announces
Family members have different hobbies. Yet they all spend time with MAGAZINES every day
Which other medium attracts all ages and all tastes so unfailingly?
Reading is a good habit patents try to encourage. Today there are News papers and Magazines which meet all interests and levels of education and all pockets.
The head of the house may be engrossed in a financial magazine, his missus learns a new knitting pattern from her women's magazine. Her children can't be torn away from their absorbing 'Comics' or film magazines.
Your selling message reaches every literate family unit at all possible levels -- of age, income, interests and education.
There is a newspaper or magazine to reach every reader in his language at the lowest cost per thousand.
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  1. Hi, I love seeing these vintage Indian ads from your site. I have liked it for years.

    One thing I really wish you did was to include the year when these ads appeared. For example, the recently posted IBM ad was fascinating. I know that IBM left India in 1977 or so. I was wondering when the ad had appeared (and possibly also the name of the magazine/newspaper where it appeared),