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This is a Magazine Ad of IBM which world makes and export Data Processing machines. This Old Advertisement utters
If you are an exporter
You'd know how IBM has exported Rs. 5.4 crores worth of its India-built Data processing machines to 46 countries world-wide.
Only a select group of nations in the world make and export Data Processing machines. India is one of them.
IBM is making these machines at its Bombay Plant-for use in the country and export to 46 countries. To meet requirements of a growing world market from Australia to Canada, Chile to Netherlands.
So far, IBM's exports from India total Rs. 5.4 crores. The figure continues to rise.
The place of pride in the exports belongs to Electronic Key Punch, which is the basic data-preparation machine in a computer installation. India is among only five countries in the world making this electronic machine.
Partners in IBM's efforts are 387 vendors who have been developed to make many components needed for these Data Processing machines as well as computers being manufactured at its Plant in Bombay.
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