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The Vintage Advertisement of Hindustan Brown Boveri reveals what no one else has yet achieved in the field of power. The Newspaper Ad declares
HBB making Indian technological history... quietly
From hands that have achieved to fresh hands
We work a little harder. We've achieved what no one else has yet achieved in the field of power.
With the knowledge gained, we train and develop our next generation of Managers. We make sure they are even better equipped than we are. So they can take on even more difficult tasks technologically.
Eighty percent of our new appointees came in at the bottom, fresh. They stayed with us and they grew.
Ninety percent of our Managers came up from the ranks. They are achieving their full potential.
Our people are very important to us. And they know it.
They respond with new achievements, each a little better than the last.
Thus, the hands of strength and experience meet with the dynamism of fresh hands and together they add up to a team that will make the future a better one.
In the field of power.
* Switchgear
* Furnaces
* Project Engineering
* Electronics
* Motors
* Transformers
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