Highest Rated Contactors - Newspaper Ad

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Highest Rated Contactors - Newspaper Ad

This Vintage Magazine Ad shows contactors that can be mounted in any position on a vertical plane. The Vintage Magazine Advertisement states
The Heavyweights
ML 12 (300 amps.)
ML 8 (125 amps.)
L&T now offers you the highest rated contactors --ML 12 (300 amps.) and ML8 (125 amps.). These block type contactors can be mounted in any position on a vertical plane. 4 auxiliary contacts rated 8A are built-in for convenience.
Terminals are ample for wiring aluminium cables. Coils moulded in hard resin for complete tropicalisation, can be reached from front.
Both fixed and moving contacts are easily accessible for quick inspection and replacement. An ingenious contact design permits replacement without disturbing cable connections-- what a boon!
Write for information on the widest, most modern range of contactors.
L&T Switchgear better... much better
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