GKW Vintage Magazine Ad

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This is a Vintage Magazine Advertisement of GKW the hard core of the programme for more power. The Old Ad declares

When Salim presses the switch the contact goes back to GKW
... although he doesn't know it. The transformer has laminations from GKW
Our products from the hard core of the programme for more power.
Stampings and laminations breathe life into electric motors, transformers and switch gear- essential to the distribution and use of electricity. In the remote countryside you will find motor starter boxes made by us ; and transmission towers, across the landscape, held firm by our fasteners. Vital parts of electric motors are machined out of alloy and special steels made by us. 

Although you may not know our products by name, they are always near you to bring change and progress. Our plants in Bombay, Bangalore and Calcutta produce them to help build vehicles and machinery, electrical equipment and home appliances and many more articles you use everyday.
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