GEVABOX Vintage Ad

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This is a Vintage Advertisement of GEVABOX the popular camera that takes professional pictures! The Newspaper Ad adds

GET A GEVAERT GEVABOX its streamlined body is made of the FINEST steel!
GEVABOX, the only camera in its class with a body built completely of steel - the finest. Won't break or warp ... will last years. And that's not all - with GEVABOX, outstanding results come naturally!

These impressive features put GEVABOX right at the top -
* Bright, clear, eye-level viewfinder for precise composition, for quick, easy photographs.
* 3 speeds (bulb, 1/50th and 1/100th sec.).Get sharp fast-action shots.
* 2 apertures (f11 and f16), for focussing depth.
* Superb rectangular photographs - each 6 cm* 9cm big, 50% larger than those from cameras in a comparable class. Makes for far superior enlargements.
And GEVABOX is so easy to operate. Just click- your GEVABOX does the rest. Ask your dealer to demonstrate. Price : Rs.44.00
The popular camera that takes professional pictures!
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