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This Vintage Magazine Ad of FAREX put forth 3 months on, your baby needs milk - and more. Baby's body and brain are growing apace. The Vintage Magazine Advertisement says

Baby's first solid food, at 3 months, could decide the rest of his life.
Doctors say, milk alone is not enough.
Doctors recommend FAREX : The balanced solid food for rapid all-round growth 3 months on, your baby needs milk - and more. Baby's body and brain are growing apace. He must learn to chew ... and be weaned away from milk alone to solid foods.

Doctors recommend Farex because it is specially balanced to deal with baby's many growth needs. Farex contains the right amount of iron for healthy blood and Vitality. Calcium and vitamin D2 for strong bones and teeth. The right proteins for rapid brain and body growth. The energy to match baby's needs. No wonder more mothers choose Farex than any other weaning food.
Farex is the ideal weaning food. It tastes good with fruits, vegetables, dal, meat, eggs. Baby will learn to enjoy these essential foods mixed with Farex  ... and happilly move on to the normal family diet.
Write in ... for our free Farex booklet and Rs. 2 -off scheme.
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