FAREX an Old Advertisement

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FAREX an Old Advertisement

The Vintage Ad of FAREX comes out with baby's ideal solid food after 3 months. This Vintage Advertisement reveals

After 3 months, milk alone is not enough.
Doctors recommend FAREX - Your baby's ideal solid food
Doctors recommend Farex! Why?
Because it's perfectly balanced to supply your baby's needs when he starts on solid food; and it suits baby's tender digerstion.
Why is Farex perfectly balanced for baby's needs?
Farex provides the right blend of easy- to-digest protein for brain and body growth; carbohydrate for energy; enough calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D for sturdy bones and strong teeth; and most important of all, the right amount of iron to keep baby's blood healthy.

Why 3 months onwards?
Your baby needs to learn to chew properly, otherwise swallowing may cause him tummy-aches and affect his growth.
Also, at 3 months, baby's digestion is still tender. That's why, rather than traditional foods, he needs a specially prepared infant solid food--- something he can digest easily.
When should i start him on 'grown up' foods?
When he takes his first step, he begins to accept 'grown up' food. That is when you should give him Farex with a little imagination and a lot of love into all the recipes for your baby.
Now the same Farex goodness also comes in the new 200 gm carton pack-- It's a big saving ... It's a lot of goodness!
Baby's ideal solid food for rapid all-round growth.
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