Magazine Ad of Crompton

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Magazine Ad of Crompton

This Vintage Advertisement brings out the details of Crompton which also make tubes and fittings along with fans you can depend on. This Vintage Ad underlines

You know that Crompton make reliable fans.
Crompton also makes tubes and fittings you can depend on.
You have probably seen them. Crompton Fans that have been running steadily over the past 30 years.
Crompton Tubes will not give you 30 years of service. But they certainly last long. Crompton goes to a lot of trouble to ensure this. Like putting a thicker emissive coating on the electrodes to maximize the tube life.

And since their Tubes deserve only the best, Crompton makes their own fittings. And pack them very carefully so that they come to you looking their best. No one else we know goes to such a lot of trouble. But then, no one else has a reputation for reliability like Crompton's, to maintain.
Ask your electrician. He'll tell you...

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