Complan Vintage Magazine Ad

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Complan Vintage Magazine Ad

This Vintage Magazine Advertisement tells good nutrition is important. This Old Ad delivers

Your body needs 23 vital 'foods'
Protein essential to build and repair tissues and cells
Lipids concentrated source of energy
Carbohydrate for energetic body functioning
Calcium builds healthy teeth and bones
Phosphorus for body fluids, bones and teeth

Sodium maintains normal blood reaction
Chloride vital for muscle function; prevents cramp
Potassium deficiency causes mental apathy.muscular weakness
Iron for healthy blood
Iodine vital for thyroid balance; shortage causes weight problems. goitre
Vitamin A keeps eyes and epithelial tissues healthy

Vitamin B1 gor growth and strong nerves; prevents beri-beri
Riboflavine for a healthy mouth, tongue, lips and eyes
Nicotinamide gives a glowing, healthy skin
Calcium Pantothenate tones nerves and muscles
Choline associated with healthy liver function
Pyridoxine (B4) relaxes muscles
Vitamin B12 combats anaemia

Folic Acid helps form new blood cells
Vitamin C builds up resistance to disease; prevents scurvy
Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth
Vitamin E for reproduction
Vitamin K ensures normal clotting
Trace Elements vital for absorption of vitamins and healthy glandular function
Milk gives 9 Complan gives all 23

THE COMPLETE FOOD protects you against diet deficiencies Complan is ideal for children, busy adults, expectant and nursing mothers, elderly people, athletes and sick and convalescent people. Take Complan every day and protect yourself against diet deficiencies.
A worldwide product of Glaxo research
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