Complan Vintage Magazine Advertisement

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This is an Old Ad of Complan - The only complete health drink. It says

The only complete health drink... in a delicious chocolate flavour!
Only Complan is complete with these 23 vital 'foods' you need for fitness and energy.
Protein Lipids Carbohydrate Calcium Phosphorus Chloride (as CI) Potassium Iron Iodine Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Riboflavine Nicotinamide Calcium Pantothenate Choline Pyridoxine (B6) Vitamin B12 Folic Acid Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K

"Ravi is such a problem-eater: Thank God, he loves chocolate-flavored Complan. It gives him all the nourishment he needs" says Ravi's mother.
No other health drink gives him the 'complete' nourishment of Complan's 23 vital 'foods'. So, what- ever his nourishment gap, he'll stay healthy with Complan.

No other health drink is complete.
A worldwide product of Glaxo research.
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