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This is an old ad of Zolone that draw attention to Phosalone - An important pesticide for crop protection.  It says

In the development of Patancheru


A Company promoted by Voltas in collaboration with Rhone-Poulenc of France. The aim is to up a plant for the manufacture of a wide range of chemicals commencing with the important pesticide for crop protection -- Phosalone. The formulated product, is ZOLONE, is already being used widely and effectively in India.

In line with Government's policy, a notified backward area was chosen for the site and the location is at Patancheru, Medak District. ANDHRA PRADESH. Various factors contributed towards this decision, one of which was the co-operation and assistance from the Andhra Pradesh State Government organizations, and VOLRHO is looking ahead with confidence to operating in a State where industrial development is being encouraged. VOLRHO was amongst to see that many other new projects are also coming up in this area, thereby providing employment opportunities.

VOLRHO has already completed the first phase of the initial project and is well on its way towards the setting up of the main plant for the manufacture of Phosalone Technical -- a pesticide of major importance manufactured only in France. ANDHRA PRADESH in India will therefore be the only other place in the whole world where this product will soon be produced.
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