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BIRD-HEILGERS include jute goods, mining, engineering which are good products. This vintage magazine ad adds

Countless problems... and the solutions under one roof!

When your industry is developing, the problems of getting the right products and services for the right jobs can be innumberable.

Until you come to Bird- Heilgers.

Because with all - round efficiency, the men at Bird - Heilgers can draw on the extensive range of products and services offered by the Group. These include jute goods, mining, engineering, shipping labour, oil, paper, water treatment, soil investigation, pneumatic equipment, springs and spring balances, research, travel services and refractories.

Today, thousands are dealing with Bird-Heilgers. Ask them why and the answer will be the same : "" Good products, good service and pleasant people"".

Contact Bird - Heilgers at Chartered Bank Buildings, Calcutta (Telephone : 22-2351), or in Bombay (Telephone : 25-7141), New Delhi (Telephone : 43196), Madras (Telephone : 81741) and Kanpur (Telephone : 32418)
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