GOLD SPOT classic advertisement

'Your taste-buds grow!'
'your taste-buds know!'
Gold Spot.The taste goes to your smile

'It's the bestest drink!'
Gold Spot.The taste goes to your smile.

Who will forget the fizzy Orange Goldspot in the yester years.. It used to be my favourite drink and I used to have at least a bottle a day. The quantity was 250 ml and was available only in the nearby town. It is sort of Fanta or Mirinda but the taste much different and good.. All of a sudden the companies stopped producing it for reasons known only to them and God.. Any other lovers of Gold Spot? I will try to get a photo of the classic Gold Spot photo if possible

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  1. You have made me become nostalgic.So beautiful and original ads they were,very true to life!We still can connect to these ads!Hats off to such well preserved advertisements .
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  2. Many thanks for posting this... That truly was a 'Golden period'.. . I was an ardent lover of Gold Spot. My grandad and mom used to give it to me after I used to come back from play...