Vintage Magazine Ad of Forhan's

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Vintage Magazine Ad of Forhan's

This Vintage Magazine Advertisement quotes ‘Let the toothpaste created by a dentist help you’. The Old Ad also says

Plaque is the invisible film of bacteria that forms around your teeth and gums all the time. If neglected, plaque leads to tartar.
Tartar collects at the base of your teeth, irritates your gums and causes swelling. Later on, gums and bone may recede causing teeth to fall out.
Bleeding gums
Weak and spongy gums may bleed during brushing. Although this may be painless, bleeding gums can lead to serious problems.
Let the toothpaste created by a dentist help you.
Dentists say : Regular brushing of teeth and massaging of gums help check gum troubles and tooth decay. So, brush your teeth and massage your gums-night and morning with Forhan's toothpaste and Forhan's Double-Action toothbrush.
Dr. Forhan's Formula : Dr. Forhan's Formula with its powerful astringent action strengthens your gum surface in help you resist gum troubles. Brushing with Forhan's leaves your whole mouth clean, fresh and healthy.
Forhan's the toothpaste created by a dentist
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