Forhan's Vintage Ad

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This Vintage Advertisement brings out the details of Forhan's the toothpaste created by a dentist. The Newspaper Ad answers

Dentists say Regular Brushing of Teeth and Massaging of Gums Check Gum Troubles and Tooth Decay
Forhan's users say of their own accord "My gums have become firm and healthy"
"My gums have become firm and healthy by using your 'Forhan's Toothpaste' for three years last. I had been suffering from trouble of my gums... now i have overcome this sufferings by your toothpaste only."
(Sd/-) D.N. Das, Shikharpur
"My breath and gums returned to normal" "...a dentist of Rajahmundry...advised me to use Forhan's tooth paste for teeth and gums. I immediately followed his advice, and within a short time my breath and gums returned to normal. Ever since, I swear by Forhan's and I am sure this habit and faith will extend to generations."
(Sd/-)P.J.Lazar,Chirala, Andhra Pradesh
(Photostates of these can be seen at any office of Geoffrey Manners & Co. Ltd.)
For proper dental care, brush your teeth and massage your gums night and morning with Forhan's. And insist on Forhan's Double-Action Toothbrush, specially designed to massage gums while it cleans teeth.
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